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Hubbard Glacier


Description of Destination : hubbard_glacier
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Hubbard Glacier is the only glacier in the world that does not move at a glacial pace. Quite the opposite. Nicknamed the "Galloping Glacier", Hubbard moves faster than almost any other glacier on the continent. In fact, in 1986, Hubbard Glacier - the largest tidewater glacier on the North American continent - moved an average of just under 5.5 feet per hour. The glacier advanced so fast in 1986 it dammed Russell Fjord. And now it threatens a repeat performance. Keep a watchful eye as you sail through the Yakutat bay; you may be a witness to geological history.

Stand in awe before Alaska's most massive tidewater glacier. This dazzling ice-blue behemoth fills your view and extends for miles at either side. It originated on the slopes of Mt. Logan 76 miles away in Kluane National park, and spreads across a valley 40 miles wide. By the time it reaches Disenchantment Bay, it's architecture towers 40 stories high, dwarfing even the largest ships.

Imagine coming face to face with a wall of ice six miles wide. Marvel at a 150-mile long wall of peaks that include Mt. Logan and Mt. St. Elias - the second and third tallest mountains in North America. Encounter the mighty Malaspina, the largest piedmont glacier on the continent. As you approach Hubbard Glacier, watch for seals afloat on the ice. This is an experience you will long remember.

Excursions Available at hubbard_glacier
  • Your Alaska cruise ship will be cruising Hubbard Glacier and shore excursions will not be offered
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