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Alaska Weather



When traveling in The Great Land of Alaska, weather is always a primary consideration. Temperatures in Alaska during the summer range from 60F to 80F. Evenings and early mornings are cooler, from the 40's - 50's. Late August and September departures could encounter cooler temperatures and slightly fewer hours of sunlight, as fall arrives early in Alaska!

When packing for your trip to Alaska the emphasis should be based on comfort. The dress code in Alaska is informal and casual. A layered technique is highly recommended in Alaska!

Average Temperatures:

Juneau / Ketchikan / Skagway:
May - 40F Low / 55F High
June - 45F Low / 62F High
July - 48F Low / 65F High
August - 48F Low / 63F High
September - 42F Low / 56F High

Anchorage / Denali / Fairbanks:
May - 40F Low / 55F High
June - 48F Low / 62F High
July - 52F Low / 65F High
August - 50F Low / 62F High
September - 40F Low / 55F High

Farmersí Almanac Weather Outlook for Alaska in 2017:

Taking an Alaska Cruise?
Read about the Southeast Coastal Zone:

"Due to the Pacific Ocean, the climate of this zone is distinctly maritime. This means that temperatures are relatively mild, and daily variations between the high and low readings are small, with the range between 8 to 16 degrees. Extremely high temperatures occur infrequently during the summer months. Temperatures reach the 80F to 85F range nearly every year, chiefly in June, July, and August. Yet, it is not unusual for daily maximum readings to remain in the 50s during the summer months. At Juneau, the state capital, extremes include a maximum of 89F in July to a minimum of -22F in February. This zone is located almost directly in the path of easterly moving storms that cross the Gulf of Alaska. Frequent and relatively heavy precipitation occurs, with annual amounts close to that of the immediate coastal regions of Washington and Oregon. Due to a rugged topography, precipitation amounts vary greatly in different localities, even in adjacent localities. June has the least precipitation of any month."

Taking an Alaska Cruisetour?
Read about the Southern Zone:

"The climate in the western and southern sections of this zone is more maritime than continental in character, and that modifies the daily temperature extremes. Northern and eastern sections are predominantly continental. However, there are usually two periods during the year when the entire zone is affected by the continental climate. In June and July, temperatures rise noticeably under the influence of warmer continental air. Another aspect of this zone is its highly varied terrain, which exerts pronounced effects on local weather and climate. This is especially true for a place like Anchorage, where large temperature and precipitation variations can occur over relatively short distances. The four seasons are well marked. In the summer, high temperatures average in the 60s and low temperatures in the 50s. Temperatures in the 70s are considered very warm; seldom do high temperatures ever reach the lower or middle 80s. Rain increases after mid-June. Most days in July and August are cloudy and at least one third of them have rain. August through October is the wettest time of the year for most sections. Autumn is brief, beginning in early September and ending in mid-October. Temperatures begin to fall in September. The average date of the last snow is mid-April, but may be as late as early May. Spring begins in late April and early May, when days are warm and sunny, nights are cool, and precipitation amounts are exceedingly small. Foliage turns green in most sections by late May/early June. For most sections, the average occurrence of the last freeze in spring is during the second half of May, while the first in fall is during the first half of September."
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